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Gas-liquid linkage actuator is a kind of self-operated actuator, which can drive the valve to open or close the valve by using the pressure of the pipeline's own medium. The gas-liquid linkage actuator has the advantages of simple working principle, safe and reliable control, strong environmental adaptability, and can meet the harsh outdoor all-weather conditions.
The electro-hydraulic actuator is generally composed of four parts: actuator, control system, hydraulic station, control operating cabinet (control box) Hydraulic system pressure from low pressure to medium pressure to high pressure to 105m P A 21.0m Pa 35.2mpa.
DG series transmission box adopts the unique parallel dual-guide stability increasing design, which integrates the design concept of transmission stability increasing for the first time. It is an upgraded product of common fork actuators. Research and development of DG parallel double guide fork transmission box: DG series parallel and double guide fork transmission box with completely independent intellectual property rights. The structure has completely changed the transmission and force of the traditional fork actuator, and greatly improved the transmission efficiency and stability.
Customer site external hydraulic source is the highest. Hydraulic actuator supporting control panel and control accessories 35MPa. Patented series parallel, dual guide fork drive boxes provide high opening torque DG for angular stroke valves. Combined construction bearings provide reliable, smooth operation and extend the service life of the actuator.

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