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Development course

In 2007

The first gas-liquid linkage actuator with electronic pipe-breaking control unit was developed in China.

In 2008

Developed the gas-liquid linkage actuator of the first Chinese menu electronic pipe breaking control unit in China, and delivered it to a project in Hotan.

In 2009

Developed the industry's first electronic control unit product capable of reliable operation and parameter display in -40°C environment. And mass production.

In 2012

In mechanical structure, electronic control, hydraulic principle, control system, control module and other aspects of a new breakthrough, the newly launched DG series parallel double guide switch type gas-liquid linkage actuator and PLPG2010 electronic monitoring broken pipe control unit, which integrates a number of patents and has a number of core independent intellectual property rights.

In 2013

Passed ISO9001 quality certification system; Have formed their own enterprise standards and record.

In 2014

Dg series parallel dual-guide gas-liquid actuators were rated as key new products, and the company was rated as national high-tech enterprise.
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Pneumatic actuator classification and selection

Actuator according to its energy form is divided into pneumatic, electric and hydraulic three categories, they have their own characteristics, suitable for different occasions. Pneumatic actuator is a kind of actuator. Pneumatic actuators can also be divided into single-acting and double-acting types: the switching actions of the actuators are driven by the air source and are called DOUBLE ACTING. SPRING RETURN (single action) only on action is air driven, while off action is SPRING reset.

Shuangxi Linmen ~ Chengdu Mickelsen Company "hydraulic actuator for tank root valve and 600kN•m electro-hydraulic actuator" two products passed the product appraisal

On April 8, 2021, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association hosted a product appraisal meeting of "Hydraulic Actuator for Tank Root Valve and 600kN• M electro-hydraulic Actuator" developed by Chengdu Mickelsen Fluid Control Equipment Co., LTD. Sui Yongbin, former chief engineer of China machinery Industry federation, Huang Li, chairman of China general machinery industry Association, personally visited the meeting and presided over the appraisal meeting. The appraisal committee of experts from the China valve association, China petroleum institute, hefei general machinery research institute, national branch pipeline of west to east gas pipeline, western countries pipe network pipeline company, national pipe network pipeline company north, southwest national pipe network pipeline company, China petroleum and natural gas pipeline engineering company, lanzhou university of technology and other units of the nine experts. Expert committee members on behalf of the on-the-spot investigation the scene of the chengdu Michael's company production and testing, to witness the "pot root valve with hydraulic actuators and 600 kn, m electro-hydraulic actuator" product prototype and function test, listened to the work summary report of the expert committee made a comprehensive review of product and inquiry, eventually form consistent appraisal Suggestions: Chengdu Miksen fluid control equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed "tank root valve with hydraulic actuator and 600kn.m electro-hydraulic actuator" products, to fill the domestic blank, to the international advanced level, can be popularized and used.

Our company passed the annual environmental inspection in 2020

In 2020, our company entrusted Sichuan Zhongheng Kechuang Safety and Environment Consulting Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct regular environmental inspections on the company, and the test results met the standards.


More than one year of experience in electrical automation engineering or complete equipment design, outstanding fresh graduates can also be considered, and electrical design experience in oil and gas engineering is preferred;
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